Posted by: mattburleigh | July 22, 2014

Trip down memory lane – Preston 1st XI 1988

I’ve been going through the many packets of photos I took as a teenager. There’s a lot of planes landing at Luton, which is very boring if you don’t like planes but most are of airlines, airliners and colour schemes that no longer exist. I also took a lot of boring pictures of things: ruined castles, old buildings, and a lot of out of focus crap. A few of the family and friends that I’ll get round to scanning and posting one day.

I also found some of Preston Cricket Club batting at the Recreation Ground (now known affectionately as the “Field of Dreams”). These were taken in the summer of 1988, when I was 16, and this would I think have been my second season with the club. This is either the Saturday or Sunday 1st XI, I can’t be sure, and neither do I have any record of the opposition. But I was already playing 1st XI sometimes at that age (as a bowler; I couldn’t hit it off the square!). I suppose it’s a little poignant. None of these gentlemen play at the club today. Chris Hollis (who may have been captain) lives in Australia. I think Terry Tillyer still lives in Hitchin. Marcus Baines carried on the longest, playing his last game about 9 years ago. I opened the batting for many years for the 2nd XI with Marcus, and learned a lot about the game from him.

I now live in Spindle Cottage that you can see in one of the photos. That wall could do with a paint today! Note also the lack of trees along the roadside compared to today.


Mike Cashin slogging to leg

Mike Cashin slogging to leg


Chris Hollis driving

Chris Day cutting

Chris Day cutting


Terry Tillyer driving

Marcus Baines defends in his own style

Marcus Baines defends in his own style

Bainesy: "One run!"

Bainesy: “One run!”


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