Highly opinionated ruminations on my favourite subjects, including my astrophyics research, science funding, cricket, economics and house prices, politics, real ale and good pubs.

I am a professional astronomer working at the University of Leicester, where I am a Reader in the excellent Dept of Physics and Astronomy. I study white dwarf stars, and am particularly interested in searching for evidence of old solar systems orbiting them, including brown dwarfs and gas giant planets. I teach physics and astronomy classes, and supervise PhD students – contact me if you are interested in my research.

In real life I play a ridiculous amount of cricket every summer, travel as often as possible, and never say no to a good beer in a nice pub – I’ll blog about the best whenever I find a new one.

I’m also trying to buy my first house, in the crazy market that is the UK. The links between high house prices, the vested interests that want to keep them that way, political and economic policies, and the banking crisis particularly interest me. I imagine these will be the views that will upset the most readers…

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