Posted by: mattburleigh | April 17, 2010

Going nowhere….

Got up early and went to a roadside diner for breakfast with the Lovegrove family. Loved the building, very Route 66, 1950s, art deco-ish. (But probably modern!). Not done a lot else: played ball with Lola, long skype with Miranda and her parents in sunny Dorking. Hacked off that the skies are crystal blue clear in England while its cold and cloudy here.

Just been looking at the Jetstream forecast on the excellent MetCheck website. Looks to me like the wind direction will be bringing ash to northern europe until at least Thursday. And an interesting message on the American Airlines website says they will, for free, change tickets for anyone travelling to europe between the 16th-22nd April to a later date. Today is the 17th. Presumably they are anticipating no
flights before Thursday….

Hope I’m very wrong, but I don’t think I’ll be flying on Monday.

If I was in a hotel, AA wouldn’t be paying. So who would? I feel very sorry for a lot of people….

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